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Golden crafts is one of the leaders in global market who believe in using latest technologies and facilities to suppling aluminum products. With highly skilled work force, the company is able to fulfil any requirement of clients at stipulated period.

Our lives would be very different without aluminum. It is thanks to the metal of the future that we live in great cities, can make instant connections and more.

Aluminum is among the world’s most versatile metals, and our global customers transform it into products that make modern life possible – from smartphones and building materials to food packaging and car parts.

Premium Aluminum supplier in Dubai

We primarily supply metal directly to customers that use our aluminium to make products that ultimately touch lives worldwide. We aim to build deep partnerships with our customers to grow the use of the metal of the future together.

The most demanding customers rely on us because we have a great track record  in reliably supplying premium aluminum products, with world-class expertise and market insights to help customers achieve a competitive advantage in their markets.

Not only do we supply our customers with the exact aluminum they need, we also help them understand what they need and advise them how they can get the best out of their metal.

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We are one of the leading importers, exporters and stockists of structural steel in the UAE