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Looking for GI pipe suppliers in UAE? Look no further. Golden Crafts is here with the best quality GI pipes. We are one of the leading stockists, exporters, and importers of GI pipes in the United Arab Emirates.

These pipes come in various sizes, origins, and thicknesses. Our product ranges from class A-1, A, B, C & SCH 40. It is coated in zinc that gives these pipes protective layers to protect them from corrosion and extreme weather conditions and increases their longevity. Gi pipes can also be used in residential and commercial construction spaces for water supply lines, firefighting sprinkler pipes, Scaffolding, water boring, etc.

These pipes are lightweight, cheaper, and even easy to handle. They also provide work environment safety in the construction spaces as workers can take them well, and there are fewer chances of accidents.

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Galvanized grating or GI grating, also known as gi steel grating or gi steel bar grating, refers to a steel bar grating made of mild carbon steel by hot dipped galvanized surface treatment. The Mild carbon steel provides high strength and is economical for use in most commercial and industrial applications. They are also available in various styles, patterns, and grades, depending on your needs.

All zinc coated mild steel GI Pipes go through a series of testing and quality control processes to ensure only the best quality galvanized pipes are offered to end users. To meet diverse customer requirements while adhering to all IS norms, a high degree of customization is achieved with the help of technologically advanced machinery and manufacturing infrastructure at the plant.

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We are one of the leading importers, exporters and stockists of structural steel in the UAE