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We are one of the best steel solution providers that specialize in various kinds of steel. We have a vast, rich vendor base spread across the world, which is snowballing, and it helps us deliver quality products to our clients at very affordable prices in the most timely manner.

Structural steel is carbon steel; that is, it has a composition of the carbon content of up to 2.1 percent in weight. Carbon is the most crucial element in carbon steel after iron. Depending on the use of the steel, the composition of carbon content or level in steel will vary. They are used for making construction materials, buildings, etc. They are used for every type of structure such as high-rise buildings, heavy industrial buildings, infrastructure, equipment support systems, airports, towers, bridges, heavy industrial plants, pipe racks, terminals and many more.

Structural Steel Suppliers in Dubai

Our source of raw steel material is very much dependent on individual project requirements. However, we usually obtain raw steel material from globally renowned rolling mills in bulk, upon being awarded a project. We also source for raw steel material from our vast network of stockists and trade agents to meet specific needs and schedules.

Over the years, Golden crafts has been a turnkey partner for structural Steel,  miscellaneous metals, and distribution of carbon steel and aluminum products. Our ability to quickly deploy unlimited resources gives our clients the control they need to get the job done.

Our expert team delivers the highest quality products to your project site with full support and dependability throughout the installation process. We promote a team atmosphere among our workers, where everyone is committed to contributing to the service of the customer’s specifications.

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We are one of the leading importers, exporters and stockists of structural steel in the UAE